do you make birthday cakes?

Yes we do!

We change the flavours regularly. For the current selection, please check the gallery here. The smallest size is sufficient for 4 persons, 6-8 persons and goes up to 10-12 persons. Bear in mind our sizes are generous.


What is the equivalent in pounds? Do you charge by weight?

We charge by size, not by weight. So you pay the same price across the board for all cakes of the same size. 

We find the imperial weight system confusing for everyone and we all end up discussing whether a cake will be sufficient for a certain number of people anyway :-)

what about croquembouche?

We specialize in this pièce montée. Please contact us if you would like us to make this French classic for a wedding or baptism.


how much time in advance?

For existing cake selections, 2 days. For large cakes (more than 10 people) or big orders we appreciate 7 days' of notice, more for croquembouche. This way we can ensure we have everything on hand and allocate sufficient time to create your cake.

If you're reading this and need something urgently, give us a call - you never know.

How do I order?

Since we require a deposit or prepayment, you can do so by:

- coming to our shop in person; or

- giving us a call/email and arranging an electronic transfer to our bank account

To accelerate the process you can fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you to complete the order.

We are working on our online shop! Stay tuned.


do you accept corporate orders?

We do and are excited to help you spoil the entire office! We can arrange delivery for most of our items (yes, even our pastries and ice creams)! Past orders include pastries, birthday cakes and gift boxes.

what about private events/party?

Yes. We have a selection of petits fours and mignardies for cocktail events. Please contact us for more information.

are plumcot items available elsewhere?

Aside from a few cafes, our shop at Tai Hang is the one and only outlet in Hong Kong where you'll find our viennoiseries and branded products.



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