First day of school

Where did the summer holidays go right? On the ice cream front, while you guys were away Blueberry Cheesecake exited quietly. Strawberry also left briefly to make way for Mango, but it's back now! Newest members are Cookies and Cream, made with our popular salted chocolate cookies no less and the aforementioned Mango. We have more new flavours coming soon - doing the tests this week and hope to have a small batch for you all this weekend. What is it? All we can say is it's inspired by one famous candy bar.

Last few days of the rose marshmallow, her shoes will be filled by Mango-coco. Very different vibes from these two!

Lastly we have just joined Deliveroo and you can order most of our menu over there. We've kept certain items exclusive to our shop, but most of the really popular items are on the platform :)

That's all for now folks, see you in Tai Hang!

Dominique Yau