The festival that is Mid-Autumn in Tai Hang


This was our first time witnessing the fire dragon in Tai Hang. The atmosphere was amazing but most of all we saw a super closed-knit community that has opened their arms to us. The road-side barbecue is a Tai Hang tradition where everyone is welcomed. This year's dance lasted 4 nights instead of the usual 3. The participants were exhausted, having to support the dragon for almost 4 hours every night.

We just (barely) survived the busy week - working 13 days non-stop, opening shop at 8am daily and closing at 11pm. We had to make the decision to remain closed on Tuesday (yesterday) as we felt we were not far from our limits. We are sure next year will be as spectacular and we can't wait to see it again, but we'll definitely have a better plan in place, haha.



Dominique Yau