The festival that is Mid-Autumn in Tai Hang

This was our first time witnessing the fire dragon in Tai Hang. The atmosphere was amazing but most of all we saw a super closed-knit community that has opened their arms to us. The road-side barbecue is a Tai Hang tradition where everyone is welcomed. This year's dance lasted 4 nights instead of the usual 3. The participants were exhausted, having to support the dragon for almost 4 hours every night.

We just (barely) survived the busy week - working 13 days non-stop, opening shop at 8am daily and closing at 11pm. We had to make the decision to remain closed on Tuesday (yesterday) as we felt we were not far from our limits. We are sure next year will be as spectacular and we can't wait to see it again, but we'll definitely have a better plan in place, haha.



Dominique Yau
More Newness!

The candy bar inspired flavour mentioned in the previous post, Crunchy is like an iced Snickers. Milk chocolate ice cream (we're using Valrhona Jivara!), salted caramel sauce and peanut brittle. Response has been phenomenal with this flavour. Check out our full list of current flavours here.

For special occasion cakes, we are now taking orders for Millefeuilles! Our famous puff pastry is caramelized, sandwiching a lightened vanilla mascarpone cream. You may choose a chocolate version instead. Sizes as per usual starting with 3-4 persons and up to 10-12.

We are preparing for Mid-Autumn Festival, and it will be the first time we witness the Fire Dragon dance in Tai Hang. Can't wait! If you haven't yet, take a look at our special ice cream flavours for this holiday.

Stay cool!

Dominique Yau
First day of school

Where did the summer holidays go right? On the ice cream front, while you guys were away Blueberry Cheesecake exited quietly. Strawberry also left briefly to make way for Mango, but it's back now! Newest members are Cookies and Cream, made with our popular salted chocolate cookies no less and the aforementioned Mango. We have more new flavours coming soon - doing the tests this week and hope to have a small batch for you all this weekend. What is it? All we can say is it's inspired by one famous candy bar.

Last few days of the rose marshmallow, her shoes will be filled by Mango-coco. Very different vibes from these two!

Lastly we have just joined Deliveroo and you can order most of our menu over there. We've kept certain items exclusive to our shop, but most of the really popular items are on the platform :)

That's all for now folks, see you in Tai Hang!

Dominique Yau
About buying our popular croissants

We have had to break the bad news to many of you this weekend who arrived at the shop after our croissants were sold out. After seeing so many sad faces we are going to try a new system this coming week - you will be able to reserve your choice of pastries the day before. So if you want to pick them up Saturday morning, you need to order Friday; order Saturday for Sunday pick-up.

The deadline for orders will be 7pm.

You can order via our email:, or in person at the shop.

For unpaid orders, we can keep your pastries until 12:00 (noon) the day of pick-up.

For paid orders, we will of course hold them until you arrive.

Hopefully this means more people will be able to enjoy our pastries :)

Dominique Yau
It's alive!

After weeks (months?) of labouring, we are happy that the website is finally live and ready. Like renovation these things take much longer than anticipated.

Future plans include integrating an online shop.

Weather has been erratic with lots of rain. It seems that in Hong Kong when it rains, it pours.

We hope to keep the blog updated as often as we update the website ... I too have visited many sites that had a blog going for a while only to be neglected eventually. We'll see. No promises.

Dominique Yau