who is plumcot

Behind PLUMCOT are professional pastry chefs Camille and Dominique.

Camille has close to twenty years of experience in French pastry. After working at Michelin star restaurant Hélène Darroze, he joined maison Pierre Hermé Paris. He was invited to be part of the R&D department afterwards where he spent eight years working alongside Mr. Hermé.

Dominique left Hong Kong to learn French pastry and ended up working in Paris for ten years. She worked at Michelin restaurant Senderens, and is proud to have been part of the opening teams at the hotel Le Royal Monceau; and again later at the Peninsula hotel with chef Laurent Poitevin in cuisine.

They returned to Hong Kong in 2017 to start "Plumcot".


why plumcot

Plumcot is a hybrid fruit of plum and apricot. The founders chanced upon this fruit at a farmers market. They like its name and how it embodies a harmonious mix of two otherwise seemingly very different things.

PLUMCOT was born July 2017.